Kyle Witherspoon

2 Year Anniversary

It's been 2 years since we started officially dating. We have been on many adventures and had such a wonderful time together. I couldn't imagine my life without her.

1968 Mustang Coupe Build

I was lucky enough to come across a good deal on a 68 mustang shell. My plans are to build a 408 ci, with a C4 Transmission and some nice modest interior upgrades.

Diving In Cuba

In 2021 got my PADI license and started diving on the weekends and after work. I was working a project at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and had a great time exploring the area under the sea. My coworkers and I saw many types of fish, crabs, lobsters, squids, starfish, and a couple friendly sharks.

Hike To Frozen Payette Lake

We did a quick 2 day adventure up to McCall for skiing and snow adventures. It's always great get out and about in such beautiful areas.

Bucky and Chubby

One of my first dogs Chubby

We visited the Air and Space in 2022

The Space Shuttle Discovery was a big hit

At about the age of one here

At my parent's wedding

Photo after I got my first bull elk

Bringing the 69 Mustang Home

My dad working on the 351W for it

Drag racing it at Firebird

After the paint job